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KTM Arts provides consultancy for organisations starting, or in the midst of fundraising campaigns

Katie has 19 years of experience in fundraising for theatre and classical music and over 30 years in the arts sector. She most recently headed up the Capital Campaign at Ovalhouse as Development Director and as part of the team raising £15 million to prepare to move the theatre to Brixton in 2020. Katie is Development Consultant to Tenebrae, Jermyn Street Theatre and is currently advising a range of medical charities, combining funding the arts for the benefits of health and wellbeing. Katie is a Trustee and the contact for Enterprise Arts Trust and is in the Livery of the Musicians Company, giving fundraising advice to young musicians embarking on their professional careers.

cropped-katie-milton-134.jpg    Katie Milton, Director

(Photo Philip Wade) 

Katie Milton started life as a performer, touring the UK in shows and found an early yearning to produce as well as perform, which she has done for over 30 years

As funding shows became more challenging, Katie found herself learning the ropes in the fundraising team at Hampstead Theatre for its Capital Appeal and move. This was followed by a range of arts organisations including the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch firstly as Head of Development and Administration, then as Development Director at Southbank Sinfonia, Ovalhouse, Development Consultant at Tenebrae  and Fundraising advisor to Resonate Arts and Jermyn Street Theatre.

Katie continues to perform and produce (see KTM Promotions) the Music Hall at the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and produce recitals worldwide and is a proud member of the London Philharmonic Choir






Katie’s advice and guidance regarding Fundraising was invaluable and helped us develop (and deliver) a new and successful strategy.  Her knowledge and experience of the ROI models enables us to focus on the key areas that would make the biggest impact for us.  Following her input we revaluated our fundraising strategy, approach and staffing. 

Katie has significant successful experience of fundraising and she brought us many new and imaginative ideas for fundraising that helped us successfully build and grow our income including many great ideas on how we could maximise our Patron on leading a campaign.

Alan Greenberg, Chair Polysystic Kidney Disease Charity UK

From Alan Greenberg, Chair Polysystic Kidney Disease Charity UK